Student Visa to Australia

Are you student? Looking for suitable Courses and Universities?

Australian Student Visa allows you to study and work in Australia for a period equal to the duration of your Course plus one month (28 days after the last day of class).

  • Sub Class 571 School Sector
  • Sub class 572 Vocational Education & Training ( VET) Sector
  • Sub class 573 Higher Education Sector

The student visa is approved only if combined with an accredited course provided by some Australia’s schools. Visa is associated to the confirmation of enrollment (COE = Confirmation Of Enrolment), which identifies starting and ending date of the course.

Student visa (subclass 500)

If you intend to study in Australia, you will need to apply for the Student visa (subclass 500).

You can apply for the following types of study on this visa:

  • English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS)
  • School – primary or secondary
  • Secondary school exchange program
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses –a registered VET course or a registered course for the award of an advanced diploma
  • Higher education courses –a bachelor or associate degree, a graduate certificate or graduate diploma, a master’s degree by coursework or a higher education diploma or advanced diploma
  • Postgraduate Research degrees – A master’s degree by research or a doctoral degree
  • Non-award courses – Non-award foundation studies course or components of a course that do not lead to an award
  • Students sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs or Trade or the Department of Defence.

You may be able to package your courses if you would like to study more than one course. This is known as course packaging.

Student Guardian visa (subclass 590)

If you plan to come to Australia to provide care to a student under 18 years, you can apply for the Student Guardian visa (subclass 590).